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  • City & RegionAshburn, Virginia
  • CountryUnited States of America
  • Country codeUS
  • Latitude39.039474
  • Longitude-77.491809
  • Zipcode20146
  • Timezone-04:00

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IPlocality.com provides free and premium IP location API service. Developers can use our API in Javascript, PHP, Python and other programming languages.

IP Location API service is free for small companies and startups. You can signup for a paid plans, whenever you are ready.

The IP API requires no registration. You can start making calls right away. However, you can send your email, domain, and server IP.


Using JSON API in your code.

Make a request to API with an IP parameter. API sends back a JSON response containing location details of that IP, e.g

will send this JSON response
   "country":">"United Kingdom",
   "zip_code":"CV22 7DG",
For a request made without an IP address parameter, API JSON response contains IP location details of request client. To make sure a JSON response send an additional parameter of json, e.g


IP Location API Packages.

Start making API queries without registration. Contact us when you are ready to select a subscription, we also have custom packages. All yearly subscriptions save two months charges.

  • Basic
  • 30,000 IP Location API requests
  • No support
  • Free

    per month
  • Starter
  • 60,000 IP Location API requests
  • Email support
  • $ 9

    per month
  • Pro
  • 300,000 IP Location API requests
  • Email support
  • $ 29

    per month


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